Fragrance development

Do you need specialist perfume development? Maybe something a little out of the ordinary where you really need to speak to the expert in order to properly examine the project requirements and see what's possible? Perhaps you want to be intimately involved in the perfume development process, or maybe you need to work with a limited pallette of ingredients from a specific supplier?

We have over 25 years of experience in fragrance development and access to additional expertise throughout the world. We are creative and flexible, but still practical and professional.

Some clients use us so they can access a perfumer directly and obtain a fragrance creation that would not be possible otherwise. Some clients come to us after finding they couldn't get what they needed through a regular perfume house. Still others just prefer to get independent, practical solutions and perfect fragrances by working closely together with friendly experts.

Different countries, companies, customers and products have different personalities. We have excellent creative and interpretive skills which lead to fabulous fragrances. We always listen, interact and design creative yet practical fragrances.

As independent experts we can be flexible to fit your requirements, appreciate good communication and candid feedback so you can ask us anything. This does not mean we can do everything, but we will give you an honest answer and also recommend other experts when relevant.

The process

Our initial purpose in fragrance development is to understand what you want to communicate through your fragrance. We take the time to study your brand and message and ensure the right fragrance is developed: a creative and commercial approach. We can also supply fragrances globally through our network of fragrance manufacturers.

We can develop fragrances for a number of different product categories and our thorough and creative approach results in perfumes which match your requirements and convey your message.

We work with you to understand what you want to achieve, to tune into your fragrance voice and ultimately to translate your requirements into a perfume you are proud to have been a part of. We can bring just about any fragrance idea to life.

All of our fragrances conform to the necessary regulations including the Cosmetic Regulations and to IFRA (the International Fragrance Association) Guidelines. We supply Safety Data Sheets, IFRA certificates and other approriate documents for all the fragrances we create.

Please contact us today to talk to us about your requirements.